Thursday, November 8, 2012

World Youth Chess Championship

Ben Finegold at City Center in Maribor

Hi Blog readers!

I arrived Tuesday afternoon in Maribor, Slovenia for the World Youth Chess Championship. There are 13 American coaches and 89 Americans playing this year!

Each coach has about 7 students to work with, 30 minutes each day from 9:30AM - 1PM, then we analyze games from 4:30-8:30PM each evening!

There are 11 rounds, Tuesday, November 13 is a rest day,and I will depart November 19 back to Saint Louis.

The American coaches (that I remember off the top of my head!) are:

Joel Benjamin
Ben Finegold
John Fedorowicz
Jan van de Mortel
John Bartholomew
Aviv Friedman
Mikhail Khodorkovsky (also head of delegation)
Nick deFirmian
Gennadi Zaichik
Alejandro Ramirez
Armen Ambartsoumian
Sam Palatnik
(I guess I am only forgetting one American coach!)

Also, Alex Shabalov is here coaching Christopher Wu privately.

There will likely be 1600+ players in all sections, and the rounds are generally at 3PM local time (6 hours later than American East Coast), and I heard the time control was 40/90, G/30 with a 30 sec delay throughout.

The following students are under my care for the event:

Alara Balasaygun
Christopher Gu
Robert Perez
Iris Zhou (Saint Louis, Spencer's student!)
Maggie Feng
Bataji Draggupati
Saidy Edelman (the daughter of my competitor in many US Junior Champs, Danny Edelman)

You can follow all the action at:

I heard pairings, standings, and the like will be posted at

There are separate sections for Boys and Girls U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8... so, 12 sections overall!

- Ben


Mark J. Finegold said...

That circular red-and-white thing in the background, is that a balloon or something? I can't make it out from the photograph.

Ben Finegold said...

Not sure, maybe.